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Centrifugal : TM Series, SM Series

SAMSUNG TM SERIES 300 - 1,120 kW

  • TurboMaster is manufactured with the professional expertise and experience of Samsung Techwin's many years in the aircraft industry! Experience unrivaled performance and genuine convenience, and bring world-class technology to your industrial site with TurboMaster.

SAMSUNG SM SERIES 150 - 4,400 kW

  • Aircraft Engine technology that moves the World-Samsung Techwin's advanced technology is leading a new era in the history of centrifugal air compressors. Samsung's SM series is the world best centrifugal compressor developed by the technologies and reputation Samsung has accumulated through the outstanding performance of its aircraft engines in the global market. Experience the real value of the SM series in any applications requiring an efficient and reliable compressor. The SM series with the outstanding performance will meet and exceed your expectations.
Centrifugal : Lento Series, Duplexx Series

Lento Series (15-110kW)

  • High quality, 100% oil-free compressed air is required.
  • Water alone, the most natural of all raw materials, is used in the compression process.
    The result:
    ~ Clean, environmentally friendly oil-free
       compressed air
    ~ Clean condensate can discharged straight into
       the sewage system.
    ~ Extremely low temperatures during compression

Duplexx Series (75-250kW)

  • ALMiG engineer aim high and develop a new and improved compressor with a twist.
  • Energy-saving speed control fitted as standard
  • Direct drive without coupling or gears
  • Permanent FPS coating on compressor rotors for consistently high level of efficiency
  • Self-learning control for optimum energy-saving adjustment to meet requirements
Centrifugal : Variable Series, Flex Series

Variable Series (16-355kW)

  • The speed-controlled specially developed for use in all situations where compressed air flow needs vary.
  • ALMiG SCD technology which demonstrates its greatest strength in the partial load range, i.e. exactly where it is required.
  • As results in an extremely efficient, holistic drive concept.

Flex Series (2.2-30kW)

  • The speed-controlled, direct-driven screw compressors in the FLEX series
  • When compressed air needs to be generated by a small, compact and extremely quiet plant.
  • Integrated single-shaft solution, provides uncompromising technology in the speed-controlled version
Centrifugal : Gear Series, Belt Series

Gear Series (30-500 kW)

  • Easy-to-maintain and service gear and novel flexible gear drives with replaceable working elements protect the drive, work with minimum slip.
  • Delivery quantities of between 3.58 and 71.15 m³/min at max. operating pressures of 8, 10 and 13 bars.
  • High operational reliability and virtually without loss (efficiency >98%).

Belt Series (4-250kW)

  • Guarantee round-the-clock high performance and operational reliability under a permanent load.
  • Power output of the drive almost without loss and long service life and low maintenance costs.
  • The result is particularly economical and reliable operation with volumetric flow rates of up to 43.07 m3/min.
Centrifugal : Combi Series

Combi Series (2.2-22kW)

  • This is space-saving, economical 4-in-1 solution from ALMiG.
  • Save investments in expensive compressed air piping.
  • The COMBI series combines the following in a single housing as standard:
    ~ compressor
    ~ receiver incl. conductor
    ~ cold drier
    ~ pre- and after-filter

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