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air compressor services
Your Equipments need to constantly deliver the top-notch performance in order to create and sustain competitive advantages and hence, a reliable and robust condition is vital. APEX offers highly responsive and preventive services and supports to ensure your compressed air systems running at optimum performance all the times. With our expertise and vast experience in energy and system optimization, our service plans are proved to reduce energy cost and maintenance frequency. We also provide several options of extended warranty and uptime availability.

Rental Air Compressors

In Our HIRE / RENTAL Department, there are various types of electric driven Rotary Screw Air Compressors / Centrifugal (Turbo) Compressors and Air Dryers ranging from 30 hp to 200 hp and available immediately to dispatch to your factory for emergency or temporary equipment.

Compressed Air Audit

Apex’s compressed air audit and unique Energy Balancing System (EBS) are available to optimize and manage your supply, distribution and demand side system performance to ensure the most cost efficient solution for your investment. A typical savings between 25%~40% in energy cost is very possible plus improving productivity and reducing operating costs simultaneously.

Customer Training

Our years of experience and expertise in compressed air technology enable us to provide the most comprehensive training program. A combination of theory and practical sessions are often conducted by our own experience engineers emphasizing on key components functionalities, diagnostics, trouble-shooting, maintenance procedures, equipment inspection and etc.

Quality Parts

AAE is a unique source for air compressor parts. We hold over 3,000 products line, which ranging from servicing kits to major overhaul kits for Rotary Screw Air Compressor to Centrifugal (Turbo) Compressor. A wide range of air compressor parts for all major brands and models are stocked in our Strategic Service Centers both in KL and JB. Majority of our parts are manufactured by our principals in Europe and US, and complied with ISO 9001. All parts are warranted to provide a service life as laid down by the manufacturers.